Keeping Cool on Hot Days

(Written July 21, 2017)

How did you deal with very hot days!

This is another young girl, in her late teens.

On some of the hottest days of the summer, we took a breaks from working and as a family, and extended family, we went to the rivers and creeks to play.  We loved jumping into swimming holes.  In fact, many of my people dug out swimming holes…just so we could enjoy  the warm summer days.

We didn’t have air conditioning or refrigeration, but we had other technology that kept our food cold.  We didn’t keep as much food as you do; we went to the market several times a week.  We did preserve food for the winter season.

Back to the rivers.  We also took our ropes and made rope swings that we could jump into the rivers.  We really enjoyed ourselves, and looked forward to the hot summer days so we could get a break from the work and just enjoy ourselves.  I loved being with my family on these days.  I met a very handsome man on one hot summer day when we were playing at the river.  He lived in a different city, but came to the same spot on the river.  Yes, we did get married!!  He was so cute, fun, and had an incredible body.  🙂

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