I am Meriden Toombs, a wife, mother of 2 adult sons, a certified math teacher (even though I haven’t taught for a few years), an energy practitioner, and now, a story writer.  A writer of Jaredite stories.  (Go here to learn more about the Jaredites: https://jareditestories.wordpress.com/who-are-the-jaredites/).

I am very interested and curious about the Jaredite people and wonder what their lives were like. Since they lived here in the Americas for about 1500 years before the Nephite people came, I wonder what kind of societies did they have?  What were the people like?  What technologies did they have?  The Lord told the Brother of Jared that would not be a greater nation on the face of the earth (Ether 1:43). During their righteous times, they had the spirit of the Lord, so what happened during these times to make them such a great nation.  Ether 10:22-28 it says:

“And they were exceedingly industrious, and they did buy and sell and traffic one with another, that they might get gain.  And they did work in all manner of ore, and they did make gold, and silver, and iron, and brass, and all manner of metals; and they did dig it out of the earth; wherefore, they did cast up mighty heaps of earth to get ore, of gold, and of silver, and of iron, and of copper. And they did work all manner of fine work.  And they did have silks, and fine-twined linen; and they did work all manner of cloth, that they might clothe themselves from their nakedness.  And they did make all manner of tools to till the earth, both to plow and to sow, to reap and to hoe, and also to thrash.  And they did make all manner of tools with which they did work their beasts.  And they did make all manner of weapons of war. And they did work all manner of work of exceedingly curious workmanship.  And never could be a people more blessed than were they, and more prospered by the hand of the Lord. And they were in a land that was choice above all lands, for the Lord had spoken it.”

I am not originally a storyteller or a story writer (I would have rather done math problems than write), but I started imagining what their lives may have been like and stories started coming.  Because of the stories, I developed a greater love and appreciation of who these people were and have a strong desire to know more about them. I also believe that these stories can help us with the trials in our day, help us to find love, peace, and joy through Jesus Christ, our Savior.  From these stories, and from reading in the Book of Ether, I hope that you can begin to feel a greater understanding of the Jaredite people and grow to love them for the great people that they were.

The stories are not in any particular order, they are just stories.

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Added: One of the stories has been published!

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Shauna Guymon, Editor

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Shauna is the mom of an incredible young man named Josh, who has Autism. Like Meriden she is an energy practitioner. She feels very honored and humbled to be entrusted with these gifts and to be used as an instrument in Heavenly Father’s hands to bless people’s lives in such profound and significant ways.

She has been fascinated by the Jaredite’s stories since Meriden first told her about them and was ecstatic when Meriden invited her to help with the editing. Shauna’s life has been deeply touched by the stories. She has found that they have enhanced her study of the scriptures because the characters are now more real to her. Her hope is that as people read the stories they will be touched & inspired by these accounts and that their relationship with Heavenly Father will be solidified.