Crystal Necklace

There is a young Jaredite girl, about 17-18 years old with a beautiful crystal necklace on.  The crystals are set in a silver type metal.  It looks kind of like a crown, yet it’s a necklace.

She bought the necklace in a marketplace from an artisan who makes handcrafted necklaces.  He searches caves and rock outcroppings to find the perfect rocks/crystals and then carves and polishes them to make them look beautiful and shiny.  He uses a form of a rock tumbler similar to tumblers that we have.  However, their technology was different than ours; but actually, his tumbler was more effective and efficient than our tumblers.  Sometimes he bought crystals from other vendors, since he didn’t always have time to find and tumble every crystal.  He bought the needed metals from metal vendors, then heated and shaped the into beautiful necklaces.  He made placeholders in the metal to hold the crystals, then glued the crystals in place.  The glue was different than what we use, but very effective.  The crystals never came out of the necklace.  Sometime he would drill holes into the crystals and then put a wire through the holes.

This girl bought the necklace to go on a “date”.  A young Jaredite warrior saw the beauty in this girl and asked her father if he could take the girl for a walk.  Well, the girl thought that the young warrior was very handsome, so she wanted to look extra nice!

The girl lived during a righteous and prosperous time, so she had the coins she needed to trade for the necklace.  One of the ways she earned her coins was by taking care of other children.

Well, the necklace must have worked!  They enjoyed their walk and soon afterward, they married.

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