Cozeen and the Ball

A cute, little 3-year old girl with long dark hair and chubby cheeks (but she isn’t chubby), and her father came home from the market with a very unique bouncy ball.  Someone found some materials that would bounce and made balls from it.  The ball was about the size of a baseball or softball.  The girl, Cozeen, loved the ball!  She was the youngest of several children and her older siblings were a bit jealous of the ball, especially the two that were just older than her.  One of them, a 5-year boy, tried to sneak the ball away from her, but her father caught him and  gave the ball back to Cozeen.

Cozeen’s family played together, bouncing the ball to each other.  They gathered in a big circle,  bouncing and throwing the ball to each other.  Other families came and watched, and decided that they needed to get a ball also.  It was new to them and quite the thing to have.

Cozeen took that ball with her wherever she went.  She took it to her friend’s house, she slept with it.  She even wanted to take it to church, to the synagogue, but her father told her that she had to leave it home.  The first Sabbath day after receiving the ball, she cried and cried.  She so badly wanted to take the ball with her.  That was a long church service for her parents, as Cozeen could not be consoled.  As soon as the services were don, she practically ran home from church, just to get to her ball.  The following Sabbath days were not as bad. The novelty of the ball wore off after a while, and Cozeen knew that the ball would be there when she got home.

Cozeen kept the ball until she grew up and married.  She always loved that ball and would play with it occasionally as she grew up.  She gave the ball to her oldest child, a girl, who loved the ball just as much as Cozeen.

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