Genesee and the Bowl

Genesee was a young righteous Jaredite women.  She lived during a mostly righteous and prosperous time, although some Jaredites were beginning to become a bit prideful.  Genesee was medium height, had long, light brown hair, and sparkling blue eyes.  At this point in time, she was married and had four children.  Genesee’s prized possession was a beautiful ceramic bowl that she used to serve food.  She was an incredible cook and was well known for her cooking.

While visiting another city, Genesee and her family went to the local marketplace.  As she admired all the goods, she found, what she considered was the most beautiful bowl and lid she had ever seen.  She quickly purchased her bowl from the vendor, who was also the craftsman.  The workmanship on the bowl and lid were superb.  The bowl was a light brown color, wider at the top than the bottom.  The bowl was about 5-6” in diameter on the bottom and about 10” in diameter at the top.  It was about 7-8” tall.  The bowl and lid were painted with colorful flowers that gave appeal and exquisiteness to the bowl.  Genesee wanted to purchase more ceramics from the vendor, but knew she would have to come back another time.

Genesee used this bowl to serve the delicious food that she prepared.  Often, she invited guests for dinner because she loved to cook, not only for just her family, but others.  She always used her bowl to serve her guests.  They all marveled at the craftsmanship and beauty of the bowl.

One day, a highly prominent man in their government, and his wife and children, came to Genesee’s home for dinner.  His wife heard about Genesee’s cooking and the bowl and wanted to come see for herself.  Genesee felt a bit nervous about the visit, but knew all would be well.  The dinner was exquisite, and all were amazed at the beauty of the bowl.  The man’s wife decided that she needed to travel to where Genesee purchased the bowl, she desired to have one for herself.

Because the bowl was ceramic and breakable, Genesee exercised great caution with her bowl.  She stored it in a protected place that her younger children would not be able to easily access.  However, she was not so protective of the bowl that she would never use it, as she used the bowl several times a week to serve her family.  Her children knew and understood the importance of the bowl and also became protective of it, especially when other children were over.  In fact, one time, one of Genesee’s daughters became a bit too overprotective, and acted rudely toward another child.  Genesee gently reminded her that people were more important than things; things could be replaced, but people could not.

Genesee had a best friend from her childhood, Gwinn.  They shared many fun times and memories as they grew older.  As they grew up, married, and started families of their own they continued to be best friends, well, next to their husbands.  However, in time, Gwinn become jealous of Genesee because she was highly recognized for her cooking abilities.  Gwinn was also, but she was not as accomplished or well-known as Genesee, which started to upset her.  Gwinn would become angry when she would hear about Genesee’s cooking, so much so, that it affected their friendship in a negative way.  They were not spending the time together like they used to, even as married adults.  Gwinn also loved Genesee’s bowl and desired to have the bowl, so much so, that one day when Genesee and her family were away from their home, Gwinn came and took the bowl; enesee’s favorite and cherished bowl.

The next time Genesee tried to retrieve the bowl, she discovered that it was missing.  She frantically searched and searched.  She questioned each of her children if they knew what happened to the bowl.  Of course, none of them knew.  Genesee greatly grieved the disappearance of the bowl.

Several weeks after the bowl’s disappearance, a friend visited Genesee and stated that she saw the bowl at Gwinn’s house.  Genesee couldn’t believe that her best childhood friend would take the bowl.  Genesee and her husband walked to Gwinn’s home to confront Gwinn.  At first Gwinn denied taking the bowl, but couldn’t hold back the tears any longer.  She started to sob, retrieved the bowl and gave it back to Genesee.  She tearfully apologized and asked for forgiveness.  Genesee hugged her and quickly forgave her.

Because Genesee did want to travel to the craftsman who made her bowl, she asked Gwinn if she wanted to also go.  Gwinn was ecstatic about the chance to go!  They made plans, went to the city where the marketplace was, and they were both able to purchase some amazing ceramics.

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