Abigail and the Doll

Abigail was a young Jaredite girl, about 8 years old.  She lived during a time of great prosperity.  Most everyone did their best to keep the commandments of Heavenly Father and strove to be like Heavenly Father.

Abigail loved to play with some dolls.  She has several dolls made of various materials.  One was especially beautifully handcrafted wood.  Her father saw this doll in the market and purchased it for Abigail.  The wood was a medium brown, a type of hardwood.  The details in the face were very intricate. The eyes were painted blue and the lips a light shade of pinkish-red.  The hair on the doll was brown, made from furs and tails of animals.  The doll was clothed in a bright pink (pink was Abigail’s favorite color) linen dress and shoes to match.  The dress and shoes were removable.  The hands and feet on the doll were also intricately carved.  The detail was immaculate.  Abigail would play with this doll, along with her other dolls for hours at a time.

Because Abigail lived in a peaceful, prosperous time, she lived a happy and pretty much a carefree life.  This didn’t mean that she didn’t have tough times and that she never argued with her parents or siblings, or never did anything to get into trouble, because all of that happened.  She could play outside her home without fear of danger (except from some animals).  She and her family were free to worship Christ in the manner that they knew best.

Abigail had many friends and cousins her age that she loved to play with.  They would go to each other’s homes to play, eat, and have fun.  She also helped her parents and siblings take care of their home, garden, flocks, and other business pursuits.  Her family loved to travel and see different places not too far distant from there home.

From a very young age, Abigail knew Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ very well.  From the time she was an infant, she loved to hear the stories about Jesus and see the pictures of Him.  She learned to pray and loved to pray to Heavenly Fathers.  In fact, she would often talk to Him while playing with her dolls.  She would line up her dolls and teach them about Jesus.  She would teach them about the Plan of Salvation.  She would “invite” Jesus to come to them and would bring in a “Jesus” doll that she received as a gift.

Abigail was blessed with many spiritual gifts (as many of the Jaredite people during this time), which became accelerated after she was baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost.  She walked and talked with angels.  She became very gifted with animals and could understand their wants, needs, and feelings.  She could calm down an upset animal in their herds.

As animals were used for food and sacrifice, she was quick to remind everyone to give thanks to each animal for its sacrifice for them and to give thanks to Heavenly Father for providing the animals for food and for sacrifice.  Because of Abigail’s sensitivity toward animals, she helped others understand the role that animals played in their lives.

As Abigail grew older, she knew the power of righteousness.  She lived in a time of righteousness, and because of that, they lived in peace.  Everyone had what they needed.  Her greatest desire was to tell others about the power of righteousness and the effect that could have on families and even entire nations.

Abigail knew about what we call the pride cycle.  She knew that individuals, family, and nations need not go through the pride cycle, meaning becoming prideful and falling after prosperity.  She lived in a great time of prosperity that lasted for several generations.  They had more than what they needed and lived after a manner of happiness.  They worked hard, but also played hard.  They traveled and visited many beautiful places.  They grew closer to God as they lived in righteousness.

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