Kim, Her Dog, and the Jaguar

This is a story of a young Jaredite girl named Kim who was about 5 years old.  She was a very inquisitive girl and always wanted to explore her beautiful world.  She didn’t like being cooped up at home or in her yard, even when she was outside.  She wanted to explore the world!

On a beautiful sunny day, Kim was playing outside her home and saw some movement off in the distance that caught her attention.  She was intrigued!  So, carefully looking around to assure no one saw her (they did have to keep a sharp eye on her because she did like to wander off) she headed toward whatever it was that created the movement.   One of the family dogs, a large black dog that was almost her size, saw Kim leave and followed her. Once Kim saw the dog, she was glad the dog came. She really liked this dog; it was her favorite of the dogs that her family had.

As Kim walked down the path, a large cat-like animal jumped out at her, similar to a jaguar.  The dog intercepted the jaguar, stood between the jaguar and Kim, ferociously barked at it, and scared the jaguar off.  Because the dog had a unique bark and barked unusually ferocious, Kim’s mother and older brother heard the barking and ran to see why he was barking.  They found Kim, unharmed, the dog protecting her, and Kim was ecstatic because she saw a jaguar close up!!

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