Dinah and the Hair Clip

There was a young girl, Dinah, who had beautiful long, dark hair.  She loved her long hair, but did not like hair in her face, which it often did.

One day while Dinah was at the market with her mother, she was about 12 years old, she saw a beautiful silver and gold hair clip that had several small blue, red, and white crystals in it.  Dinah fell in love with the hair clip as soon as she saw it.  She really wanted the hair clip. Actually, her mother also loved the hair clip and thought it would be a great solution to help keep Dinah’s hair out of her face.  The clip was beautiful and looked amazing in her hair.

Because Dinah was the daughter of a righteous Jaredite king, and her mother was the queen, when they went to the market, it was quite an endeavor.  Guards followed them as well as other members of the household.  This king did not like to call those who worked for him servants.  He considered all people equals, each person just had different roles or callings; all were important in his eyes.

Dinah’s best friend Atarah, a daughter of one of the king’s employees, decided to go with Dinah and her mother to the market.  Atarah was also a beautiful 12-year old and saw a different hair clip that she wanted.  Atarah’s hair was a beautiful golden color that flowed down to her hips.  The clip that Atarah found would have been perfect for her hair color.  It was made out of a darker metal and had small yellow and blue crystals adorning it.  Atarah did not have any money with her and felt really sad that she wouldn’t be able to purchase the hair clip.  Dinah, noticing the look in her friend’s eyes, discretely spoke to her mother, who then purchased her hair clip.

Immediately after purchasing her hair clip, Dinah fastened it in her flowing hair, pulling the hair away from her face to the side of her head.  She loved it!!  Not only did the clip hold her hair back, it was a beautiful clip, and a clip that she picked out herself.

Dinah and Atarah visited other vendors in the marketplace (followed by guards), looking at all the different items that were offered.  Soon it was time to go back home.  Dinah and Atarah found Dinah’s mother and they, along with all the others that came with them, went back to the palace.

Once they were home, Dinah invited Atarah to her room.  There, she had a surprise for her.  Dinah pulled out a small package and gave it to Atarah.  Atarah was shocked to receive a package.  Dinah excitedly, told Atarah to open it!  Inside the package lay the hair clip that Atarah wanted!  Atarah squealed with excitement and gratitude.  Dinah helped Atarah fasten the clip in her hair.  Atarah looked at herself in the mirror and felt so grateful for the beautiful clip.  Dinah and Atarah strolled through the palace, arm in arm, showing off to everyone they met their beautiful hair clips.  As they met Dinah’s father, the king, he gave them both big hugs and told them how beautiful they were and how proud he was of them.

Dinah was beautiful on the outside, but even more beautiful on the inside.  She was kind and giving to all those she met.  She emulated her Father’s ideas of how each person was equal.  No one was better than another person.  She treated everyone she met the same, as they were a pure son or daughter of God.  Her giving a hair clip to Atarah was one of the many examples of the generosity she gave to others.

Dinah did not marry as she passed away as a young adult.  She left an amazing legacy of kindness and generosity for all those who knew her.

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