Brother Jerish gets a Ball

Cozeen’s 5-year old brother, Jerish, decided that he also wanted a ball.  He was desperate to have a ball like his sister.  He asked his father if he could also have a ball.  His father hesitated for a moment, so Jerish said that he would feed the animals for a week just to get a ball.  Jerish’s father laughed and agreed to get him a ball, not complete sure if Jerish would follow through with his promise.

The next morning, Jerish woke up bright and early and headed out to the stable/barn/fields where the animals were.  He knew exactly what he needed to do, yet because he was so small, he struggled. He really tried his best to feed all the animals.  His 17-year brother heard Jerish get up early, and followed him outside.  He watched Jerish for some time, with a big smile on his face, and watch him do his best to feed all the animals.  The brother laughed as he watched Jerish try so hard, then decided to go and help him.  Jerish did most of the work, while his brother provided the necessary muscle.  Jerish woke up early for the next week to keep his promise to feed the animals.  The brother also got up with Jerish, and by the 4th day, the entire family woke up early, just to help Jerish.

Jerish’s parents were so pleased with how industrious Jerish was, and the way his siblings helped them out, they all received something from the market (not all the siblings wanted balls).

When father came home with the bouncy ball, Jerish was beyond thrilled!  He bounced the ball.  He threw it at walls, trees, into the pond, just to see what the ball would do.  He did need some help getting the ball out of the pond.  🙂

Jerish also tried hitting the ball with a stick, on the ground, then in the air.  He had so much fun with his ball.  He and his siblings, and his friends made up many games with the ball.

Jerish was a very curious child!  After some time, the ball was beginning to wear out from overuse, he asked his father for another ball.  His father obliged and brought home another ball.  Jerish, again, was thrilled.  He took the first ball, and took it apart because he wanted to know what was inside of it and what made it bounce.

The outside was animal skin that was wrapped tightly around a rubbery type substance.  Jerish wanted to know more about this substance, so one of his older brothers took him to the vendor who made the balls.  Jerish asked many intelligent question, surprising both his brother and the vendor.  The vendor offered to let Jerish help made some balls.  Jerish was thrilled!  He was so excited about this.

Jerish’s father knew the vendor, so they arranged a time when Jerish could go and help.  Jerish could hardly wait as he counted down the days.  He drove his family crazy with questions like, “Are we going today?”  “Is it tomorrow?”

Finally, the long-awaited day came.  Jerish’s father took him to the home and workshop of the vendor.  Jerish was giddy the entire way to the vendor’s home.

Once they arrived, the vendor took Jerish and his father to his workshop.  The workshop was very organized.  There were tables on the walls of the shop with different materials that would make the ball.  They started with some clay-type substance and made it into a round ball.  Somewhere in the process, animal fat was used.  Then some rubbery type material was wrapped around the clay, and set out to dry.  After the ball dried, it was wrapped tightly in some animal skin.  The skin was sewed closed over the ball.

Jerish was so intrigued with the whole process.  He helped as much as he could and asked many questions.  The vendor gave Jerish the ball that he helped to make.  Jerish was so enthusiastic.  He took it home and showed his family, and of course, they were all impressed.

Jerish continued to help the vendor make more balls.  In fact, Jerish came up with many ideas to help make the balls bouncier, and ways that they wouldn’t bounce at all.

Because of Jerish’s curious and industrious mind, and a gift that he was blessed with to make things better, and find better ways of accomplishing jobs/chores, he became well-known for his improvements of current technologies and new inventions that greatly helped the Jaredite people.

Jerish and his family lived during a righteous time.  Jerish received many revelations for the technology he improved and invented.  The Spirit of the Lord flowed through him as he worked to help the Jaredite people.